Owner Determines What Kind Of Day It’ll Be Based On His Senior Pug

Getting old is not for the faint of heart. Of course, it’s not just humans who must face the aging process. Our pets must go through it, too.

Most of them take their aging in stride, apart from the occasional hiccup along the way. And now that social media is a major part of everyday life, more and more pet owners are able to share their pets’ journeys with the world – like Jonathan Graziano.

The proud dog dad has become a social media sensation thanks to the overwhelming cuteness of his pooch, Noodle.

Photo: flickr/tjortenzi2012

The 13-year-old pug has melted many hearts on both TikTok and Instagram, particularly with a video that Graziano has titled, “No Bones.”

The video has the voice-over that explains, “Good morning, everyone, and welcome back to yet another round of ‘No Bones,’ the game where we find out if my 13-year-old pug woke up with bones, and as a result, we find out what kind of day we’re going to have.”

Photo: TikTok/jongraz

Noodle, given that he’s older, has a little bit of difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings. In the video, Graziano gently tries to lift up his pooch from his bed and tries to get him to stand up. If the senior dog agrees to stand up on his own then it’s a “bones” day, which means that he’s feeling good and is ready to take on the day. If not, well, he’s not going to go anywhere for the day. And it’s something that has caught on as something of a prophecy for other people online as well.

As Graziano usually says on a “bones” day, “I can’t believe it, you guys! Buy that lottery ticket, file that divorce, quit that job. Do whatever you were planning to do but were too scared to do. You have good luck for the rest [of the day.]” Of course, if he doesn’t have a “bones” day, Graziano states it’s the perfect excuse to just stay in bed as well and have a lazy day.

Photo: Pixabay/Michelle Scott

The origins of the “bones” day came about when Noodle was adopted at the age of seven and a half years old. Graziano quickly learned that his new pooch was not one for walking much, which is why if he stands up, it’s a big deal. This quirk has been what has led to the fun game that is now part of an online routine with Graziano saying, “And it’s just [wild] to be able to share this with you guys and see the response. So I really appreciate it.”

So far, the adorable senior pup has gained quite a following on TikTok with about 2.3 million followers!

Check out the adorable TikTok below:


What do you think of Noodle’s “no bones” day?

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