Why Cats Are One Step Closer To World Domination

In this cat-tastic video by BuzzFeed, you learn all the basics of human ownership. Because a cat owns you, not the other way around! From meal time to sleep time, cats pretty much call the shots.

A cat household revolves around a cat’s needs first. It’s just the way it is and us cat lovers wouldn’t have it any other way. Their love is earned and this cycle seems to start from fresh every single day. It’s daunting but worth it! Are you owned by a cat? Then you totally get it!

Your Daily Cat Quote:

“A client recently brought her two cats to my husband’s veterinary clinic for their annual checkup. One was a small-framed, round tiger-striped tabby, while the other was a long, sleek black cat. She watched closely as I put each on the scale. ‘They weigh about the same,’ I told her.

‘That proves it!’ she exclaimed. ‘Black does make you look slimmer. And stripes make you look fat.’ ” — Anonymous

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