Otter Cam Gets Up Close And Personal With Never Before Seen Rituals

Thanks to technology and ingenuity, we get to watch and witness incredible footage of otters in their natural environment.

From a mama otter fluffing her baby’s fur up with air to keep him buoyant…


To using large rocks on their bellies to crack open shellfish.


The Otter Cam is a robotic version of themselves, that carefully and unobtrusively joins otters during their daily rituals.

As you can see, he looks A LOT like them. And behaves like them too! With faux fur and flippers, you can hardly tell he’s not apart of the romp.


Because we can learn about their natural behaviors in a less intrusive way, we can better understand how to preserve their environment. Sounds pretty genius to me!

Otter Facts:

There are 13 species of otters and almost all types of otter populations are decreasing. The only otter type that is thriving is the North American River Otter.

Otters have the thickest fur of any mammal on the planet! Their undercoat keeps them warm in cold water temperatures. The layers of fur trap air near the skin which helps them stay dry and buoyant.

Female otters are great mothers. In fact, they are known to adopt offspring of other otters when they are needed in sanctuaries.

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