Two Rescue Puppies In Casts Look Like They’re Always Ready For Hugs

Hugs really are the best medicine! Just ask Oslo and Ivar!

Two precious pups were born with deformed legs, unable to walk. Now they’re wearing casts to help correct that problem. Oslo wears purple casts and Ivar is in yellow casts. The casts position their legs perfectly for non-stop hugs. And since love is a BIG part of healing, their rescuers are all about it!

Both pups were born in late December and even with deformed legs, the breeders tried to sell them! They told perspective buyers that their legs were like that because of their stout bodies.

It was a big lie! The puppies actually have swimmers syndrome. The condition refers to a puppy who is unable to stand and their legs paddle like a swimmer’s as a result of extreme weakness. Instead of standing and walking, the puppy just lies on his or her chest.

The puppies also have a genetic defect in their legs causing them to splay out further, making their condition worse. They needed surgery to fix it, not just physical therapy which is conventionally used to treat dogs with swimmer’s syndrome.

Grass Roots Rescue found out about the puppies in March and made it their mission to help them. Even with their costly medical procedures, the rescue group knew that Oslo and Ivar were worth all their efforts! They desperately wanted to help the puppies and give them normal lives with forever families.

The rescue group is trying to take legal action against the breeder but it won’t likely work. Sadly, this is a problem with breeding Bulldogs. Many organizations have spoken out against this exact problem. Even The Washington Post put out a story called Why breeding Bulldogs is borderline inhumane

It Says: “Birth defects, such as flat chests, have led to high puppy mortality. A skeletal disorder common to the breed causes high rates of hip dysplasia.”

But breeders just don’t get it! Bulldogs are already prone to health issues and with breeders using irresponsible breeding methods, the puppies’ health gets inherently worse!

Even with the surgery, no one knows for sure if Oslo and Ivar will ever walk normally. For now, everyone is keeping their fingers crossed and giving the pups as many hugs as possible!

Source: The Dodo, Photo Credits: Grass Roots Rescue’s Facebook Page

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