Rescue Welcomes The Newest Puppy At The Shelter

I think we have all experienced the difficulty of being around new people and the nervousness that is associated with it.

It seems as if that may also be true for dogs that are put into new surroundings.

One puppy who felt that way was Osito, a little dog that was put in with large dogs at a rescue, Colitas Sin Techo. As you can see in the video, his nervousness was unwarranted because the other dogs did what they could to make him comfortable and confident in his new surroundings.

Photo: YouTube/Stephen Messenger
Photo: YouTube/Stephen Messenger

Osito made friends very quickly but there was something else that he needed just as desperately. He needed a forever home where he could have the love of human companions that would care for him every day.

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Fortunately, that didn’t take too long because the rescue found someone that would adopt him.

Photo: Pixabay

According to The Dodo, he is now living life in a forever home. It is hoped that the other dogs at the rescue find their forever home as well.

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