He Was So Sick Yet He Welcomed Rescuers With Open Paws

Orren grew up in a repugnant hoarding situation, surrounded by garbage, and living in human and animal waste. Along with 60 other cats in a small enclosure The conditions he was found in were truly brutal, and it’s amazing any animals were able to survive. Orren managed, but not without massive difficulty. So much difficulty that the people who finally rescued him referred too him as “a train wreck.” He had a chronic upper respiratory illness, ring worm, cauliflower ear, chronic eye and nose drainage, a heart murmur, arthritis, a leg deformity, and more.

In spite of all his difficulties, Orren was friendly and inviting. Even his rescuers were amazed at how friendly and loving he was from the moment they opened the door. He is so special that he didn’t even make it to the adoption floor! One of the volunteers just had to have him. Orren teaches us that forgiveness is possible, no matter what you’ve been through.

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