Orphaned Baby Beaver Is Stealing Hearts At Wildlife Rescue

A video of an orphaned baby beaver taken in by a wildlife rescue in Canada called WILDNorth is going viral due to the adorable kit.

Beavers are the largest rodents in North America and stay with their moms until the age of two to learn how to swim, build, and find food.

The video showed the team examining and caring for the one-week-old baby and explaining what her recovery would entail. They asked, “Have you ever seen a baby Beaver?”

@wildnorthab Have you ever seen a baby Beaver? This cute little North American Beaver was found orphaned and requires care for two years, which is when it becomes a releasable age! Considering this, it was in the Beaver’s best interest to be transferred to AIWC for long-term rehabilitation due to their facility setup. Thank you @albertawildlife for helping us help this baby Beaver #northamericanbeaver #beaver #orphaned #wildnorthab #wildnorth #wildliferehabilitation #wildliferehab #wildlife ♬ Soft and minimal instrumental music(1259336) – MaxRecStudio

People responded in the comments with endless compliments and many inquired how they could work at the rescue.

“She’s like a fuzzy potato!! Adorable,” wrote @liljswim.

As for anyone interested in working at the non-profit rescue, they are encouraged to apply for an internship or sign up as a volunteer to get a chance to care for the baby animals.

The best option for this little cutie is to head to Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) for the next two years where she will learn the basic skills to survive in a natural environment and be released back into the wild once she is old enough.

Beavers are known for being busy and using their powerful teeth to gnaw down trees and build dams. They are excellent swimmers and thrive in the water with their webbed feet and paddle-shaped tail. This sweet kit will be able to do all these things as she grows big and strong at AIWC.

People are enamored by the tiny beaver and are hoping for many more updates. The wildlife hospital released a young beaver last year after caring for him for a year. They shared how they helped him prepare for life in the wild. Check it out!

@albertawildlife Today’s patient is truly adorable! Found all alone near Sundre, AB, this little beaver kit stayed with us for nearly an entire year. Help care for wildlife patients like these by donating to our holiday fundraiser here: https://www.aiwc.ca/give-the-gift-of-saving-wildlife/ #GiftofWildlife #AIWCPatientStories ♬ original sound – albertawildlife

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