Stray Cat Wanders Into Nursing Home And Becomes Permanent Volunteer

Oreo, a former-stray cat, kept showing up day after day outside a nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio. The staff and residents at St. Augustine Health Ministries took it as a sign and welcomed the cat indoors. Since then, she has become a permanent volunteer, always eager to help out at the reception desk. Or snuggle up to the residents.


“She’s like the family here. She helps the residents, she helps the employees, and we just love her,” Carmen Delgado, receptionist, told, in the video below.

“Most of the people we serve here had pets… so to have Oreo here, for them to be able to come out and pet the cat and see how the cat is doing… it brings a lot of laughter, smiles, those feelings of home,” Dana Carns, the director of advancement, said.


Oreo is a wonderful addition to “the staff.” She encourages many of the residents to come out of their rooms, sometimes when it’s not always easy for them to do so, and visit with her. She is happy to distract them with her sweet, purring disposition.


While it was the nursing home that gave Oreo her forever home, it’s Oreo who is happy to earn her keep by bringing smiles and comfort to everyone she greets.

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