Old Dog Upstages Vienna Chamber Orchestra During Classical Performance

Televised talent shows are where many turn for break-out musical performances these days, but if you’re a dog, the options are a little limited.

During a recent performance at the Ephesus Antique Theater in Turkey, an aging yet able audiophile of the canine variety made his way up to the first chair violinist and found it as comfortable a spot as any to enjoy the Vienna Chamber Orchestra.

Source: YouTube/İLKSES Gazetesi İzmir
Source: YouTube/İLKSES Gazetesi İzmir

The audience, along with the orchestra, were pleased with the rendition of Mendelssohn-Bartholdi’s Symphony No. 4 and even happier about the dog. He received a hearty applause at the conclusion of the piece.

The dog became “the most interesting event of the day,” the Medya Ege reported.

It’s uncertain if the dog’s owner was waiting in the wings for this music loving mutt, or if the dog was a stray, but concertgoers could at least identify his kindness and treated him with love and respect after the show.

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