Family of Orangutans Play With Otter Neighbors In Adorable Pictures Captured at Belgium Zoo

We can learn so much just by watching animals interact with one another. A family of orangutans and a family of Asian small-clawed otters are showing the world how to peacefully co-exist.

The otters live in a river that runs along the enclosure where the orangutan family lives at a zoo in Belgium. The vastly different species have not only found a way to co-exist but actually enjoy each other’s company. Recently, the Pairi Daiza zoo in Domaine du Cambron posted adorable photos of the two families interacting.

Photo: Facebook/Pairi Daiza

One photo shows several tiny otters approaching a large orangutan named Ujian. The 24-year-old primate seemed thrilled to visit with the adorable neighbors. The otters gathered around the wise orangutan and as J.K. Rowling put it, are “having story time”.

Photo: Facebook/Pairi Daiza

Other photos captured Berani, a three-year-old orangutan, signaling an otter to come closer and playing what appears to be a game of peek-a-boo.

Photo: Facebook/Pairi Daiza

Their adorable relationship is described by zoo staff as a “wonderful enrichment for both species.” The zoo reassured fans the photos were not photoshopped and wrote, “😁 A little happiness to share … If we are distant from each other in this difficult time for all of us, some of our protected people have been bringing thousands of smiles on the five continents …”

Photo: Facebook/Pairi Daiza

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The zoo asked its followers to share photos of the orangutans and otters friendship, and people delivered.

Chris Tof, shared a photo that he captured of the young orangutan giving kisses to the little otters. He captioned the photo with, “A little kiss and we make peace? 🥰 🥰”.

Photo: Facebook/Chris Tof
Photo: Facebook/Nathalie Aupaix

Nathalie Aupaix posted a photo and wrote, “You come, we’re going to have a picnic”.

The photos have gone viral and made the day of countless people. It is just what the world needs right now – some positive news!

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