One Picture Saves A Life Gives Shelter Animals The Best Chance To Find A Forever Home

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One of GreaterGood’s Signature Programs is One Picture Saves A Life.

These days, many adoptions begin online. When combing through shelter sites, a potential family will likely be more interested in a photo of a clean, rested animal with a little personality than a blurry photo of a dirty, scared animal. Yet when a dog or cat arrives at an animal shelter, taking a photo of them is often one of the very first steps of the intake process — when they’re frightened, disoriented, uncertain, and ungroomed. They aren’t exactly ready for a “glamour shot.”

When a photo is snapped at this point, potential forever families see the poor animal in its worst light, hurting its chances of being adopted.

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The One Picture Saves A Life program draws awareness to this problem and offers a solution. It offers direction on how to groom a shelter animal for photos and also gives photography tips on proper lighting, location, and even technology. The program works with shelters and volunteers so that they learn how to give their animals the very best chance of adoption.

For most shelter animals, one photo and a basic description are all they have to present to the world online. That one photo becomes a huge influence on their future. For any shelter — but especially for shelters that are overflowing and have limited resources — having access to professional photographers who have the right expertise and equipment to showcase their animals can be a game-changer. But in order to afford professional photographers and get additional resources, a shelter needs to find families to adopt its animals.

Otherwise, for some shelters, the only other option is to put them down.

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It’s estimated that 8 million pets enter the shelter system in the U.S. every year. Sadly, about half of these poor animals are never adopted. You can help do your part to get them adopted by donating or clicking today.

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By donating or clicking, you can help provide shelter staff and volunteers with access to the training, supplies, and technology they need to create compelling photographs of adoptable animals. Shelters increase their pet adoptions, and animals get the best possible chance to find the perfect forever home.

Photo: YouTube/GreaterGoodorg

In this video, we follow Helen Hartel as she photographs animals at her local shelter and explains how gratifying the training from One Picture Saves a Life has been. She’s now volunteering at her local shelter on a regular basis and putting her photographer skills to good use, saving animals’ lives.

Learn how you can get involved, too, by watching the video.

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