Olympic Athlete With A Heart Of Gold Saves Strays In Sochi

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For U.S. Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy, the Olympics are about more than just earning medals for his country. The silver medalist freestyle skier is doing his part to help the numerous stray dogs that populate the streets of Sochi. When Kenworthy came across four puppies and their mother on the streets, he just couldn’t leave them behind. He tweeted a picture of the puppies with the caption “Puppy love is real to puppies.”

Following up that post, Kenworthy revealed that he is making arrangements to have the puppies and the mother sent back to the U.S., and has already lined up kennels and vaccination appointments for these lucky dogs. Hopefully more Olympic athletes and spectators will follow in Kenworthy’s footsteps and give these lonely dogs a chance at a great life.

Do your part to help the strays! Sign the petition demanding that the International Olympic Committee ban the inhumane treatment of animals! Sign now!

Gus Kenworthy is not only an avid animal lover, he’s also an incredibly talented skier. Check out his skills in the video! He truly is an Olympic athlete with a heart of gold!

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