Adorable, Inspirational Video Shows Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks!

We all face challenges as we go through life, some harder than others. But we are taught, early on, that we should never let our challenges beat us down.

Being disabled makes things even harder. Things that are so simple for others can be so hard to do. Basic things, like: doing laundry, going food shopping, even making the bed. Do you know how I know this? I’m disabled. And that is why this video has me smiling so hard that it hurts (the good kind of hurt).

This dog is advanced in age, but learning to use his new prosthetic legs with some ease.

Source: YouTube/Sheena Yamazaki
Source: YouTube/Sheena Yamazaki

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In the meantime, watch the video below! It’s simple, really. But its message has such an impact that I challenge all of you to watch it and share it, knowing you’re doing your part to cheer for disabled animals and humans everywhere. We can all use your support, encouragement and love. Go, dog, go! We are cheering for you, good boy! Right on!

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