Dog In Horrible Shape Was Found Living Among Garbage. 3 Years Later, He’s Still Looking For A Home

This dog, named Oliver, was first discovered by a woman in early 2014 in a suburb of Athens, Greece. He was terrified of people and not very friendly, but rescuers were able to find him and rescue him a few months later. They had to sedate him before he was caught, but all that matters is that he’s now safe.

Oliver was in extremely bad shape. Living as a stray amongst piles of garbage, he developed severe sarcoptic mange, leishmaniasis, ehrichia, and on top of that, he was extremely emaciated. After catching him, they rushed him to the clinic, where they started treatment.

Once he was recovering, he went to live with a foster. It’s been almost three years since his rescue, and he is still living there. He is now searching for his forever home! Oliver has come a long way since his days on the streets. He has overcome his fears and is now a very friendly and affectionate dog! If you’re interested in adopting Oliver, contact Penny Marathon at

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