He Spent 30 Years In A Cage On A Bile Farm. When Rescuers Finally Got To Him, He Could Barely Move

This bear, named Oliver, spent 30 years in a cage, where his bile was painfully harvested for medicine at a bear farm in Asia. Oliver was so stiff from being kept in a cage for so long, that he laid lifeless, unable to move. He was forced to wear a full metal jacket that was so tight, it compressed his lungs. His teeth were rotten, and he was in excruciating pain.

Thousands of bears still remain at farms there, but Oliver was one of the lucky few who were rescued. Animals Asia, an animal rescue group, came to save him and bring him to their sanctuary where he’d spend the rest of his days.

But the ride to the sanctuary was far from easy. Oliver was in such bad shape that he was deteriorating on the way there. They were forced to perform emergency surgery on the side of the road to save him.

Against all odds, Oliver made it home to their sanctuary! He lived there for four years, surrounded by people who loved and cared for him, before he passed away.

Oliver’s story has been told thousands of times all around the world and is helping to raise awareness about these horrible bile farms. Oliver is a symbol of hope for all animals, because he fought and won.

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