Scottish Sportscaster Narrates Dog’s Bath After Muddy Walk

It goes without saying, but I’m very happy that I was one of the many people that adopted a rescue puppy during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a teacher, my school year was a strange mix of working from home, in-person learning, and a lot of stress, but being able to relax at the end of the day with my fiancée (who works from home) and our dog, Blueberry, has made it a lot easier.

I know I’m not alone in that joy, with millions of long-time and first-time pet owners relying on the comfort and companionship of a good dog during 2020. One such person is Andrew Cotter, a Scottish sportscaster and author.

He has brightened our day once again with another short clip of his two labs, Olive and Mabel. During lockdown, his series of humorous commentary on their escapades chalked up millions of views, providing some much-needed laughter during the pandemic.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

In their most recent outing, Olive and Mabel enjoyed a walk through the grassy Scottish countryside along an earthen footpath. Due to recent April showers in the area, nearby ditches were filled with mud and water (lab owners see where this is going) which looked undeniably inviting to the mischievous pair.

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The video starts in the middle of what Cotter calls “a fairly good walk,” before he asks Mabel a tough question. “I’m wondering, though, if anyone’s done anything they shouldn’t have done,” he continues coyly, with Mabel and Olive fixing their gaze on the camera before he pulls back for the reveal. Mabel’s legs are coated in mud!


“Did you wait until my back was turned, and then go in the ditch?” Cotter asks, letting the audience in on what happened. Mabel seems to be trying to play it cool but knows the game is up. Olive seems satisfied that she did the right thing, and her dark coat has stayed clean.

Knowing what has to be done, Cotter cuts to later in the day, as he’s giving Mabel a bath. He continues his commentary, this time taking the role of a hairdresser talking to a client. After a few quick scrubs with the sponge, Cotter declares his work complete. “Right, that’s you done. And it’s £80 in total,” he continues. I suspect Mabel won’t be paying that charge any time soon!


For Cotter, this humorous incident was just part of life with Olive and Mabel, which he’s chronicled not just on his Twitter feed but also the newly-released book, Olive, Mabel, & Me: Life and Adventures with ​Two Very Good Dogs.

You can also see more of Olive and Mabel’s escapades on YouTube here, or watch the full video of Mabel’s muddy adventure below!

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