Dogs Win Gold Medals For Snoozing And Eating

Andrew Cotter is a known Scottish sportscaster, but it’s not just sport he’s known for narrating. Cotter regularly narrates the lives of his two dogs: Olive and Mabel.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics at play, it seemed only fitting that Cotter would combine his passion for sports and love for his dogs, and that’s exactly what he did.

Cotter decided to narrate his version of the “alternative Olympics,” in which Olive and Mabel were the winners.

Photo: flickr/Bulaclac Paruparu

Mabel won the Bronze medal for “fox rolling.” Olive, on the other hand, won several gold medals for “snoozing sofa and floor, the eating relay with yourself, and hanging around the kitchen wanting stuff.”

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Both dogs seemed a bit indifferent about their accomplishments, but they wore their medals with pride anyway.

Photo: YouTube/mrandrewcotter
Photo: YouTube/mrandrewcotter

How cute!

Many people in the comments of the video were thrilled to see Olive and Mabel (and Andrew) back at it with their antics. Andrew hadn’t posted a video of the duo in a month, and it seems people missed them. He said, “Apologies. Too much actual sports broadcasting getting in the way just now. Not enough time spent with these two…”

We’re glad to see them back in action. Congrats to Olive and Mabel for their medals! Watch the video below:

You can keep up with Olive and Mabel on YouTube by clicking here.

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