Bacon Is The Internet’s New Favorite Dog, And It’s Not Hard To See Why

There’s an theory among pet owners that they start to look like their animals after a certain amount of time.

If that’s to be believed, then Old Man Bacon has been hanging around humans for far too long. The most striking features on this concerned-looking canine look remarkably human, which is probably why the internet is so obsessed with him!

Bacon can be found on Instagram, displaying a number of human-like emotions:




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Fed up

About to Sneeze

Mark Hammill

Source: Instagram/hamillhimself Source: Instagram/thebaconator Who wore it better?
Source: Instagram/hamillhimself
Source: Instagram/thebaconator
Who wore it better?

With everything that’s happened so far this year, politically, environmentally, geologically, even oceanographically, it’s no wonder that Bacon is flashing these feelings.

Though he may seem a bit freaked out at times–and let’s be honest, some humans do, too–he’s ordinarily a very happy dog. Bacon’s parents adopted this Pekingese, Dachshund, Chihuahua mix over a year ago, and he’s been pleasing his parents with puppy love ever since.

Bacon has been featured on newsfeeds all over the world, from local news stations, to Mashable and more.

According to My Modern Met, “If you’re a chronic over-thinker or a worry wart, Bacon is bound to be your spirit animal.”

Check out more of this adorable dog on his Instagram page, and share with your friends!

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