Old Irish Goats Are Being Used In Dublin To Protect Against Wildfires

When most of us think about somebody protecting us from fire, we instantly think about a fireman. If you live in the area of Dublin, however, you might just think about a goat.

These endangered goats have a specific skill that can help to reduce the possibility of wildfires: They eat a lot of vegetation!

Because of that, 25 of the endangered Irish goats are being used to eat vegetation and reduce the possibility of wildfires.

Photo: Pixabay/Babs Müller

Wildfires were becoming bigger and more frequent in the area of Howth, a Peninsula overlooking the Dublin city Centre. The goats were brought into the area because they are more effective than machinery.

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According to The Guardian, Hans Visser, the biodiversity officer on the City Council, shared that the goats keep everything nice and short.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In order to keep the endangered Irish goats brought to the area safe, they decided to bring back an old organization from 2006.

It is the Old Irish Goat Society, and they are tasked with protecting those endangered animals.


According to The Guardian, a member of the society shared that the goats eat whatever is in the area where they live. They are suitable for the task and are more than a tourist attraction, “they earn their keep.”

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You can learn more about the Old Irish Goat Society and its work on its website or on Facebook.


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