Senior Dogs Face An Even Greater Challenge After Suffering Abuse

To have to worry about finding a new forever home is so much harder when you’re an older dog. It’s so sad but it’s true. Too many people want puppies or younger dogs. Senior dogs get passed over and sit in shelters for a long time. Some sit forever.

But NOT these dogs! They were horribly abused and neglected. If anybody deserved a happy ending, it was these pooches. Beaten, left to die, you name it. It all happened to them.


Thankfully they were rescued but the next part is always the hardest. They were out of harm’s way but they still needed homes. Nothing will make them heal faster than a loving family.

Some dogs are so traumatized that they hold that trauma forever. But placing them with loving families gives senior dogs the best final chapters they can wish for.

We all pray for ALL dogs to smile like this:


Watch these wonderful seniors get happy, forever homes. It’s so touching, you may shed a tear or two. I know I did!

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