Office Cat Lost His Job

Bambino, an 11-year-old cat, was first surrendered to a local shelter when his family moved and did not want to take him with. However, he was quickly adopted by a company for a position as office companion.

The friendly cat started his career at an office in Renton, Washington. He loved his job and would greet everyone that came through the doors. “He loved greeting customers, supervising the employees and providing kitty therapy to everyone. Since being hired, he had been promoted to Sr. VP of Public Relations,” states Love Meow.

Photos: Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers

Bambino was enjoying all the attention and excelling in his career. Unfortunately, the office that he worked at was closed by the company, leaving him without a job or home. Purrfect Pals, an animal rescue in Arlington, Washington, was contacted by the company when the office closed. Sadly, he was returned to the shelter to find a loving home to retire in.

Age had taken its toll on the long-haired gray cat. He was completely blind, but that did not stop him from finding a lap to cuddle in. He still kept his friendly demeanor and was looking for a loving home to retire in. A perfect couple came into the shelter looking to adopt a cat. Their senior cat just passed away and their blind dog was missing his feline friend.

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The couple instantly fell in love with Bambino and took him home that day. The house was already prepared for their blind dog, so Bambino instantly felt at home. “They’ve learned a lot from helping him and are set up with lots of open spaces in the house as well as carpet runners and other sensory objects to help Bambino find his way around. There is a screened patio where he can enjoy listening to birds, lounging in the sun safely outdoors,” the rescue told Love Meow.

After spending the first few hours exploring his new home, he met his canine brother, Guinness. They touched noses and instantly became friends. “He gets around the house better than our blind/deaf dog. Bambino is very skilled at using his hearing, whiskers and sense of smell. He can hear grocery bags a mile away and comes running,” recalls his new parents.

Photo: Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers

The intelligent cat figured out the liter box and automatic water without a problem. “He loves sleeping in bed with us, and also is quite the hair stylist. I woke up to him on my pillow, licking my hair in all directions as if I was a kitten. He likes to give kisses.”

All his hard work paid off. He is now enjoying retirement in a loving home.

H/T Love Meow

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