Odd Couple: Vesper the Cat and His (Hopefully) Soon-to-be Friend the Lizard

“Hi!” The cat offered his paw in introduction.

The iguana didn’t move.

“Hi there!” The cat offered his paw again.

The iguana blinked.

Have you ever had one of those weird introductions where you’re not sure if you should shake hands, hug or run away? These two seemed to have the same issue. After biding his time in his cat jungle, staring across the room at the new guy in the glass box, Vesper the cat finally got the courage to meet the green fellow now sharing a room with him.

Like many people would reach for their cell phone in an awkward interaction, Vesper reached for the string on the wall as if to say, “Whatever! I wasn’t interested anyway!”

These animals were supervised during their time together, as all animals should be, especially when interacting for the very first time.

Do you have an oddball interaction between animals that you want to share? We’re all about friendship and would love to see it! Share yours in the comments!

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