Odd Couple: A Cat and an Owl

According to Brazilian biologist Andre Costa’s Facebook page, the scientist introduced an owl and a cat to each other at an early age, and they have been inseparable ever since.

The cat in question is Siamese while the owl is a short-eared variety. Siamese cats and short-eared owls have a few things in common: Both enjoy hunting prey and the night. Additionally, both species look nearly the same from birth to death with no major coloration or physiological changes. While cats and owls are an odd couple as far as the food chain is concerned, it’s not surprising that they should bond over their love of the phases of the moon and tasty mouse snacks.


When Forbi the owl was a baby, Costa took him in. Cleo the cat welcomed her new avian friend has been looking after him ever since. The two play and talk in screeches and meows at their home in Brazil. Costa was shocked by the positive response he received after sharing a video of the odd pair on his Facebook wall. He said he has high hopes for the relationship between humans and animals because so many people were so interested in the unusual friendship.

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