Corolla Wild Horse Fund Pleads Once Again For Visitors To Stay Away From Wild Horses, “Folks, this is not ok.”

Wild horses have roamed the beaches of North Carolina’s Outer Banks for five centuries, adapting to survive. Sadly, people haven’t changed and continue to break the law to be close to the wild horses.

Corolla Wild Horse Fund, a nonprofit organization that cares and protects the wild horses, once again has to remind people to keep their distance and respect the laws put in place for everyone’s safety.

Photo: Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund

The Wild Horse Ordinance details the laws put in place to protect wild horses. It is illegal for people to come within 50 feet of a horse, but many disregard this law. Even though there are countless signs posted telling people to keep their distance and refrain from feeding the horses.

Photos: Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund

The nonprofit organization recently received photos of visitors on top of a dune and less than 50 feet from wild horses. They immediately responded, but by the time they arrived the people had left the area. They took to Facebook to share this illegal action and to implore other visitors to follow ALL the laws.

“Folks, this is not ok. These people are too close to the horses and they’re damaging our dunes. Both are illegal. If you are here for the week or visiting for the day, please be respectful and follow the rules.”

Photo: Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund
Credit: @GeminiLove

Wild horses are magnificent animals but need to be admired from afar. It’s also illegal to feed or pet the horses. When people don’t follow the rules, the horses usually pay the price.

“The horse in this picture is young, and easily habituated. We lost a yearling colt this summer because of behavior like this. Please don’t let it happen again,” wrote the nonprofit.

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The colt was named Danny and choked on an apple fed to him by a tourist. “When we say that apples and carrots KILL wild horses, we are not kidding. We are not being overly dramatic. We are not using scare tactics. Apples and carrots KILL wild horses,” posted the staff at the time of Danny’s death.

Photo: Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund

The disrespectful visitors have infuriated followers who are calling for higher fines and harsher punishments to deter people from getting too close to the wild horses. People seem to forget that although the horses may appear tame, they are wild animals.

One person commented they saw a woman breaking the law just the other day, “Saw a lady yesterday with 2 dogs walking on the dunes about 30 feet from 2 horses and dogs going crazy. All she was doing was taking a picture didn’t realize horse was stomping and staring.”

Photo: Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Corolla Wild Horse Fund pleads for anyone planning on visiting the area to please review the rules and abide by them. “Please, please educate yourselves before you visit. We don’t often have to post reminders like this over the winter, but 2020 continues to throw us all curve balls.”

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