Obese Shelter Dog Starts Her Weight Loss Journey And Seeks A Forever Home

Strudel, a seven-year-old shelter dog, is extremely overweight, but now she’s starting her weight loss journey and hoping to find a loving forever home.

Strudel’s first owner sadly passed away, so she was adopted by another family. But the family was unable to deal with her medical issues so they brought her to the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter in Newport News, Virginia.


Months went by, and families came into the shelter and walked right by Strudel’s cage, not paying her any attention. Many other dogs around her found forever homes, but people would take one look at Strudel’s weight, and instantly write her off.

Shelter staff knew how hard it would be for Strudel to find a home in this condition, so they decided to get her out of there to give her a second chance.

Kindra Powell, of Hearts for Hounds Rescue, took Strudel in and helped her begin her weight loss journey. They are hoping that once she is in better shape that she will find a forever home, but in the meantime, she’s living with a foster named Kim.


Kindra and Kim partnered with John Cotthaus, owner of Zoom Room, to make weekly workouts for the pooch. And of course a veterinarian is working with them as well to make sure that Strudel is on the right path to losing weight.

Aside from his weekly workouts, she is also on thyroid medication, is on a strict diet, and goes for daily walks. Despite everything she’s been through, Strudel never stops wagging her tail and is an extremely happy and friendly pup.

If you’re interested in adopting Strudel, click here to contact Hearts for Hounds.

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