NYC Carriage Horse Wounded After Crashing Into Car

Animal activists are pushing for NYC to ban carriage horses once and for all after another horse is injured.

The incident took place during rush hour on Thursday afternoon. According to police, it was the horse’s first day as a carriage horse.

Apparently, something spooked the horse and the operator lost control. It ended with the horse colliding with a parked car.

Witnesses claim the horse was unconscious for several minutes. They recorded the horrific accident and animal advocate group New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, and Safe Streets (NYCLASS) shared the graphic footage on social media.

There was blood and broken pieces from the carriage and car scattered across the sidewalk and road.

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When the horse regained consciousness, he immediately started to panic and thrash his legs which only caused more damage.

He eventually regained his footing after sustaining deep lacerations to his head, body, and legs. He was brought to Clinton Park stables where a vet stitched and treated his wounds. Christina Hansen, the spokesperson for NYC’s carriage industry, said in a statement that the horse named Chief was “resting comfortably in his stall.”

Animal activate groups have been petitioning for an end to carriage horses in the city and this frightful accident is just another example of how dangerous it is for horses and people.

NYCLASS asked city officials to permanently remove Chief from the streets and even offered to bring him to a sanctuary or farm.

“Another day, another carriage horse crime scene,” Edita Birnkrant, NYCLASS Executive Director, stated. “This injured horse must be removed from New York City streets immediately, will this carriage driver continue to be a menace on the roads? There is no question that this antiquated industry is a clear and present danger to horses, drivers, passengers, and people on city streets. This is 2021, not 1921. After years of broken promises, it’s time for city leaders to take real action to end the abuses of this dangerous industry.”

To prove their point even more, NYCLASS posted a video on Tuesday of a carriage horse forced to work with a swollen hind leg. They wrote, “Carriage horse with grossly swollen, infected back left leg was cruelly worked today. Cellulitis is a painful, deadly infection!”

How many more horses have to be hurt before something is done? Mayor Bill de Blasio promised a ban during his 2013 campaign, but has not delivered. Sign the petition below that calls for a ban on carriage horses in New York City.

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