NY Shelter Dog With “Colossal Toofers” And Adorable Smile Needs A Home

All dogs are adorable but ones with underbites, or in Eeyore’s case “colossal toofers”, melt hearts.

The eight-year-old Chihuahua was found as a stray, and no one came to claim him. Hard to believe, we know.

City of Buffalo Animal Shelter took to social media to help find him a new loving home. His unique smile and adorable face have already won the hearts of people near and far.

They wrote, “Introducing Eeyore! With 2️⃣ colossal toofers and a smile that could brighten ☀️ even the gloomiest day, he’s a true happiness generator waiting to be claimed Adopting Eeyore? It’s like signing up for a lifetime of laughter therapy! Just one look at those ginormous chompers and adorable ears on that teeny head and you can’t help but giggle”.

The staff reassured people that Eeyore has no trouble eating wet or dry food.

Aside from his cute looks, he is easygoing and just wants to snuggle up with his human. He appears to get along with other smaller dogs he has met at the shelter. According to his bio on Petfinder, “In his middle ages now, this refined and dignified gentleman would prefer a more quiet and relaxed life of leisurely strolls and good treats, with days devoted to some good Netflix binging and belly rubs. Hopefully he will make his way under the Christmas tree of a lucky family this year!”

Several people commented with name suggestions that they thought fit him better like “Dino” or “Edward Cullen”. The shelter replied with the perfect answer, “if you adopt him you can name him whatever you want!”

Eeyore is still waiting for his special someone. Anyone interested in adopting him can learn more here and head to the shelter to meet him.

Be sure to share his story and help him find a home for the holidays!

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