Tiny Kittens Owe Their Purrecious Lives To Nursing Home Seniors

At Catalina Springs, they are doing something pretty amazing! Nearby shelters do not have the resources for around the clock kitten care. Cats that are this young cannot survive without nighttime feedings and constant attention. So much work goes into rearing these precious babies, but it is worth every moment and every effort.


Seniors from Catalina Springs Memory Care Center gladly lend support. Taking care of the young kittens not only helps the animals, it also helps the seniors. It gives them purpose and distracts them from stress and pain. Caretakers from the nursing home even noticed the seniors recalling memories from their youth while speaking to the kittens… something that was not possible before.


Bottle feedings, lots of holding and tons of affection goes into caring for the tiny babies but these seniors enjoy every minute! The kittens are helping the seniors too. Look at how they dote on one another. It truly is beautiful!


The kittens receive the utmost care. They also have the freedom to roam about and socialize with other seniors, their visitors, and staff. The kittens end up being extremely well-adjusted. It’s a total win-win! What a wonderful program!

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