What A Story! A Cat Recovers From His Own Brush With Death Then Nurses Other Sick Animals…WOW!!!

You Can’t Miss This Story! A Cat That Gives New Meaning To Paying It Forward!

His name is Radamenes and he is no ordinary cat. He was brought into a veterinary center in Poland at the brink of death with an acute respiratory infection. According to Bored Panda, which translated the original article from TVN Meteo, Radamenes seemed to be beyond saving until the vet heard his little purr. This sweetie survived, and is now using his second chance to do the most amazing things.


Radamenes doesn’t just lounge around the office. He works tirelessly to give other sick animals lots of love and cuddles.


He even hugs and cleans the other patients as they recover from their own health battles. He uses his positive kitty energy while sleeping beside the other furry patients, giving lots of good kitty vibes.


Healing with a friend is much better than healing alone, right? Radamenes is now referred to as the center’s full time nurse and mascot. Now, you tell me, is this one incredible cat or what?


Photo credit: Bored Panda and TVN Meteo

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