Dog Mistakes Abraham Lincoln Statue For A New Friend

Dogs are such friendly creatures. They will happily befriend other people and even other animals. But sometimes they make silly little mistakes, like trying to make friends with a statue!

One very adorable border collie decided to befriend someone sitting on a bench.

The very insistent pooch, who is named Nova, thought that this man could use a buddy, and figured a good game of fetch would be the best thing for both of them.

Photo: Max Pixel

Unfortunately for Nova, she was highly mistaken. The man wasn’t even a man at all – it was a statue!

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The park bench in Scheels, which is located in The Colony, Texas, is actually the basis for a very realistic sculpture of President Abraham Lincoln.

The playful pooch tried several times – to no avail – to engage the statue in playtime. But she wasn’t going to get anywhere with it.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

Her owner couldn’t help but record the adorable footage, and then share it online.

In the video caption, Nova’s owner shared, “Nova is my 1-year-old border collie. She loves nothing more than playing frisbee and chooses victims of any shape or size to play with her. Even this statue of good ole Abraham Lincoln. She is excellent at being noticed, but Abe kept his stone-cold gaze and continued to ignore her.”

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

Oops, guess we all make honest mistakes.

Hopefully next time Nova will have better lunch when finding a friend at the park to play fetch with.

Check out the hilariously wholesome footage below:

What do you think of Nova’s little mistake? Has your dog ever tried something similar? Let us know!

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