New DNA Tests Reveal MANY Purebred Dogs Are Actually Mutts (Another Incentive To ADOPT And Not Shop)

I’ve heard it many times: “We choose not to adopt our dogs because we want a purebred dog with papers.” But guess what? This story is about to change your perception on what a “purebred” dog actually is.

Thanks to new technology and a new trend, DNA tests are being used on dogs to determine what breed they actually are. In fact, several of my friends wanted to find out the background of their rescue dogs for health reasons. And what they found out was pretty cool.


But what happens when this DNA test is used on “purebred” dogs? I mean, shouldn’t it reveal exactly what breed you are told your dog is and paid good money for? Um, not always. In fact, according to this news story by Inside Edition, that’s not the case at all!

A New Yorker named Phyllis Von Saspe paid a small fortune for a dog that was supposed to be a Shorkie. Half Shih Tzu and half Yorkshire Terrier. But watch what happens when she uses a DNA test to see if she was given the correct information on her beloved pooch.


People like Van Saspe are finding out, the hard way, that they’ve been lied to after shelling out good money! So why buy these designer dogs in the first place? Why not head to the shelter and give a loving mutt a home for free? A dog that really needs one? Wouldn’t this eliminate backyard breeding and puppy mills?

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