If You’re Thinking About Getting A Micro Pig, Think Again! And Watch This!

The micro pig boom is still under way. We constantly see these adorable YouTube videos of tiny little pigs being well…tiny! They’re extremely cute and tempting to add to the family, BUT the sad truth is: their grown up versions are flooding animal shelters. Micro pigs don’t truly exist. At least not in the way it’s being portrayed or even advertised. It’s a complicated breeding process and there is no guarantee a pig will stay “micro.” So what happens when that 3 pound piglet turns into a 300 pound pig? Yea, exactly.

Pigs are smart, wonderful animals. They make terrific companions no matter how big they get but you must be prepared for their inevitable large-ish size. Even if they stand up to your knees, like often advertised, they can still weigh over 200 pounds.

So think before you act…and share this video with all your friends that are thinking about joining this micro pig craze.


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