New App Scans Dogs Noses And Reunites Them With Their Owners

Every human has a unique fingerprint and it is a good way to identify somebody and make sure that they are actually who they say they are.

Then again, not everybody has their fingerprints on record, and the same is also true of dogs. Of course, I’m not talking about dog fingerprints, I’m talking about a unique pattern on their noses.

IAMS is doing what it can to ensure that dogs are safe and sound by developing technology that will allow those pets to be reunited with their owners if they happen to get lost.

Photo: Pixabay

It all starts with the app, which allows the owner to scan the dog’s nose print. If the lost dog is found, they can then scan the dog’s nose print and if it is in the database, they can be reunited quickly.

Photo: YouTube/IAMS

Along with scanning their pet’s nose, they can also give a detailed description so that they are easier to identify.

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A person can identify the dog is lost and alert other users of the app to watch for the missing pooch. If they happen to find one that matches the description, they can scan their nose and see if it is a match.

DesignBloom discusses how the technology uses a downloadable smartphone app. After uploading the nose print into the system, it is possible to even set up a scenario where you could identify and come up with a match for a random dog. I’m sure that this is going to get a lot of testing over the coming months and years.

Photo: Pixabay

Although it is only in beta testing, You can already download the app in the Nashville, Tennessee area on both iPhone and Android devices. It will be interesting to see where this technology takes us.

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