Italian Greyhound Rejected By Chihuahua Finds A New Place To Call Home

A spunky dog found the perfect forever home after being rejected by a chihuahua in a happy change of luck.

The San Diego, California-based Italian greyhound named Nori may not have had the best start to life, but her life is full of love and playfulness now.

In an interview with GeoBeats Animals, Nori’s owner, Victoria, explained that Nori was living with a woman who got her to keep a chihuahua company.

She said, “she and her husband are gone for most of the day but the Chihuahua ended up absolutely hating Nori.”

Considering Nori was only invited into the home for the chihuahua’s sake, the woman decided to rehome the sweet dog and that’s where Victoria stepped up to help.

Victoria ended up adopting the dog from the woman and it was only a matter of time before little Nori unleashed her speed and full personality at her new home!

“When she first came she was sniffing around tail between her legs a little bit. It was like a slow build-up, and now, she’s an absolute maniac all day,” Victoria explained.

Instead of being rejected for her quirks and personality, Nori is being celebrated with her new family and that’s a beautiful thing.

Check out the video below:

You can keep up with Nori on Instagram or TikTok, @noritheiggyy.

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