This Is One Lucky Puppy! Noodle Rescued After Lost at Sea for Hours

For Mario Di Meglio and his Labrador puppy, it was the worst case scenario. Di Meglio was taking a ferry home with Noodle, the new addition to his family, when the two-month-old pup slipped out of his collar and fell overboard into the Gulf of Naples. When the owner turned to the ferry’s crew, explaining the situation and asking them to stop, they dismissed him, assuming the dog had already succumbed to the ocean’s depths.

Well, they were wrong. Hours later, sailors from the Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia spotted the pup—and he was swimming. The poor thing was exhausted and frozen to the bone, but he was still hanging in there. They putted the boat closer and called out to him. Finally, Noodle was within reach, and the sailors lifted him into the boat. He was warmed and dried with towels, a hairdryer, and the compassionate arms of the people on board.

Il messaggio di Massimiliano Cappa, consigliere alla Vela del Savoia, e Lino Grosso, consigliere alla Casa del circolo…

Posted by RYCC Savoia on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Noodle is now doing well. He’s been returned to his owner, who is grateful to have him back in his arms.

Watch the rescue in this video!


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