Norbert Is A Puppy Party Pooper

Norbert is probably one of my favorite pup personalities. Not sure why? Well, then you haven’t watched any Norbert videos yet! And that’s a tragedy in itself.

All Norbert’s human wants to do is receive a kiss for making her beau a nice dinner but Norbert isn’t havin’ it! He either wants to be smack in the middle and a participant of the kissing games OR he wants Julie’s beau to back off! LOL! Do you have a jealous doggy in your house like this? If so, comment below!

Norbert isn’t an ordinary dog and it’s pretty obvious why. No no, not just because his tongue hangs out and to the side and it’s the cutest thing ever. No, not because he’s this tiny little fluff ball that you want to hug all day long. It’s because he does amazing work. He’s a therapy dog that works hard to put smiles on deserving humans’ faces. I mean, how can you look at him and not smile??? He also has a line of books that are a must read for a dog lover like you!

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