Paralyzed Feral Kitten Rescued From The Cold And With Treatment, Begins To Run Again


Food is one of the most vital needs for shelters and rescue organizations. For many of these groups, after food costs, they have little or nothing left in their budget for medical treatment, vaccines, or adoption programs. That’s why’s Rescue Bank is hosting a pet food drive to ship food to shelters and rescue groups across the country – so they can save more animals like Noel.

Noel was a feral kitten found outside on a cold December day, thin, paralyzed, and freezing. A good Samaritan rescued and took him to a local animal neurology center. There, they gave Noel life-saving treatment. He spent months in his foster home going through physical therapy and medical treatment so that he would eventually be able to walk and play again.

Photo: Tigerlily Cat Rescue

Now, he has been adopted into his loving forever home with a matching fuzzy orange cat and two dogs for friends. He can stand, walk, climb, and even run now! You’d never know he went through so much as a kitten. He has so much love to give (on his terms of course), and he is grateful to be saved!

Tigerlily Cat Rescue said, “Thanks to’s Rescue Bank program, we have been able to continue to take in medical cases like Noel and give them the best treatment possible to get them ready for adoption into their forever families. Our rescue is extremely grateful to be able to provide a steady supply of food to our foster homes, and the cats are truly thriving because of it!”

Photo: Tigerlily Cat Rescue

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