This Shelter Cat Was Lucky Enough To Pick Out His New Family

Noche wasn’t chosen to be adopted. He chose his own family! And boy, are they glad he did!

“We got there and he immediately came up to us,” Noche’s mom recalled. “We didn’t pick him, he picked us.”

I guess it was just meant to be. Noche now has a loving forever family with a new sibling too! I love it when shelters give the animals the opportunity to be cage-free because things like THIS happen.

It is quite amazing.

Source: YouTube/The Dodo
Source: YouTube/The Dodo

I urge anyone who is considering the addition of a new furry family member, to ALWAYS adopt. The shelters are bursting with beautiful animals who are so deserving of a home. Some animals will never get the chance to know what a real family feels like. It’s heartbreaking. Spread the word: ADOPT, DON’T SHOP! Hopefully, more people will catch on and do the right thing. You just never know if your future furry family member is out there waiting for you.

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