Clever Cat Uses His Human’s Feet To Walk Up The Stairs

Dogs are known to do tricks and be big human pleasers, but cats, not so much. Even the most affectionate little felines usually prefer to sleep a lot and do things on their own terms.

However, one clever two-year-old cat from Finland is breaking the stereotype and has actually been trained to perform over 50 tricks!

Nipa is a toyger cat that lives with his owner, Tiina, as a therapy animal. Tiina shares Nipa’s life on Instagram,, where she shows off his many tricks.

Photo: Instagram/

According to the Instagram bio, Tiina trained Nipa to do the tricks with a clicker – and, of course, plenty of treats.

One trick called “Cop cop up the stairs” involves Nipa standing on Tiina’s feet and walking up the stairs with his paws over Tiina’s feet the whole time!

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Photo: Instagram/

It’s like he’s using Tiina to walk up the stairs and it’s incredibly adorable to watch.

In the video, you can see the duo shuffling up the stairs, with Tiina using the clicker to encourage Nipa. At one point, they even pause for a quick treat.

Check it out in the video below:

Nipa isn’t limited to stair tricks, either! This is one cat with a bunch of tricks up his sleeve.

Nipa is so talented that he was even certified an official “trick cat.” They shared the news on Instagram, saying, “Nipa is an official trick cat now. We got his first certificate, Cat School Novice trick cat title!”

Photo: Instagram/

Way to go, Nipa!

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