This Hilarious Ninja Kitten Meets Her Doberman Brother For The First Time!

This two-month old kitten, Sophie, was found by her owner abandoned in a gas station restroom in Canada. She was rescued and adopted by a loving mother. There was just one problem — being adopted meant Sophie would be getting a new sibling.

That sibling was Bishop, a three-year-old Doberman.

Any pet owner would be anxious about pairing a rescue kitten with a dog, especially one that is often viewed by some as a less-than-friendly breed. But in this hilarious video captured by their rescue mom, when the kitten first meets her Doberman brother, she sets down the ground rules and establishes herself as the dominate one in the most hilarious way!

Only a kitten could be so cute while trying to be so vicious! You’ll have to watch this one a few times because the laughs just don’t end!

Don’t blink or you might miss this kitten’s lightening-fast ninja moves! Watch his adorable bid for attention from his laid back big brother in the video below!

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