Nurse Cares For Mama Goose Waiting For Her Eggs To Hatch In Hospital Parking Lot

NICU nurse Vivian Foulke discovered a mama goose outside in the hospital’s parking lot, who has five eggs that she is laying on.

The nurses in the NICU at Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest in Allentown, Pennsylvania, are used to taking care of pregnant women and new mothers every day, but their newest patient is different from the rest.

Photo: YouTube/69News

Foulke works three days a week at the hospital from six in the morning to 4:30 in the evening, so she feeds the mother goose both before work and after.

Other nurses have since joined in on taking care of the goose, and everyone in the area are aware of her.

Photo: YouTube/69News

The valet staff at the hospital knows she is there, and even the people mowing the lawn are very careful not to mow close to her.

They say eggs could hatch any day now, and the nurses are looking forward to seeing the babies.

Photo: YouTube/69News

In the meantime, they will continue to make sure the mama has all of the food and water she needs to remain healthy for her babies.

The father goose also stays nearby and is very protective of the mama goose and their eggs. So we know once the eggs hatch, the babies will have two wonderful parents!

Hear the heartwarming story in the video below:

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