Bachelor Star Nick Cummins Saves Sheep That Got Its Head Stuck In A Fence

Australian rugby player and Bachelor star Nick Cummins recently went viral for saving a sheep with its head stuck in a fence.

The former Wallabies player shared a video of the rescue on Instagram and it quickly went viral, racking up over 300,000 views.

Cummins had been driving when he saw the distressed sheep and pulled over to help it.

Photo: Pixabay/Manfred Richter

The sheep was thrashing around, trying to free itself, but it wasn’t having any luck on its own.

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After spotting the sheep while driving, Cummins hopped out of his car and rushed to its aid.

Photo: Instagram/ickbadger

In the viral video, you can see Cummins attempt to “hoist” the sheet up and pull his head free. He said, “Usually they go into a hypnotized state when you have them like this.”

After a few moments, the sheep did relax and calmed down enough for Cummins to pull its head free. The 33-year-old former athlete then lifted the giant sheep and threw it over the fence.

Photo: Instagram/nickbadger

It quickly darted off, without so much as a “thank you.” Regardless, Cummins hollered after the sheep, “You’re welcome!”

He captioned the clip, “Sheepish! In NZ this would have gone down very differently.” Watch the video below:

After the rescue clip was posted on Instagram, it wasn’t long before people started to share it. Once it was shared by Dudes Posting Their W’s on Twitter, it really exploded and received over 15 million views.

People began referring to him as the real GOAT (greatest of all time) – a perfect title, given his rescue of the sheep.

One person tweeted, “He did all this and the sheep didn’t even thank him?” Another joked, “Was watching this with the sound off at first and somehow still knew he was an Aussie.”

You can follow Cummins on Instgram, @nickbadger.

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