News Reporter Interrupted On-Air By An Adorable Puppy

News reporters are expected to remain stoic and professional on-air while they are delivering a story. However, we can certainly forgive one new reporter’s on-camera joy when his live segment was interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

Bob Barnard, from Fox 5, was in the middle of his report on the weather conditions in Leesburg, Virginia when he was accosted by the cutest little fan ever: a puppy!

The solitary pup came up to say hello, subsequently making Bob forget all about the ice road conditions.

Photo: YouTube /FOX 5 Washington DC

The little puppy, who was a natural on-camera, was quite excitable but eventually let Bob pick it up. The friendly pooch even shared a few smooches with the news reporter who said to the anchors back in the studio, “Forget the people we talked to earlier. I want to get to know this dog.”

Photo: YouTube /FOX 5 Washington DC

And who could blame him? The pup was adorable! Bob, true to his word, started to get to know the pup and quickly noticed that there was no owner nearby. That led him to assume that the puppy must’ve slipped out of a nearby home.

Photo: YouTube /FOX 5 Washington DC

But as Bob was joking about becoming the little puppy’s new babysitter, her owner appeared – quite apologetic for her dog’s actions. The puppy, who turned out to be named Pierogi, had apparently managed to jump over the gate. She was seemingly curious about all the news cameras outside on the street.

Photo: YouTube /FOX 5 Washington DC

Bob’s news segment with Pierogi proved to be quite popular, with a lot of people reacting to it on social media. Perhaps Bob will take on Pierogi as a news reporting partner? She seemed to be quite happy being in front of an audience!

Watch the video below:

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