Owner Wanted Newborn Puppy Euthanized But Thanks To Your Support She Is Thriving

Meet Amanda.

She had a rough start to life but is now a happy and healthy pup thanks to your support.

Helping Paws Animal Rescue in Oklahoma was at the right place at the right time. While they were at the local clinic having one of their rescue dogs vetted, they overheard a heartbreaking story and had to help.

Apparently, a Yorkie was bred by a pit bull that lived in the same house, but the owners didn’t think that the Yorkie would get pregnant – but she did. The little dog started to go into labor and was rushed to the clinic. The vet said that she could not have the puppy naturally and performed surgery.

Photo: Helping Paws Animal Rescue

Both mama and puppy survived, and even though the puppy was full-term, the owners wanted her euthanized. That is when Helping Paws Animal Rescue stepped in to save her.

The newborn puppy was taken in by a loving foster family who bottle fed her milk replacement, thanks to your donations.

Watch her slurp up the formula in the video below.

She continues to grow and thrive. The rescue told us, “Baby Amanda is living a happy well-deserved life! She is so smart. She was using a potty pad at three weeks old. She seeks attention from her foster mom.”

Photo: Helping Paws Animal Rescue

Amanda is living her best life and is so grateful for your support.

Photo: Helping Paws Animal Rescue

Her story is just another example of why it is so important to spay or neuter your pets. Shelters are already at or over capacity with more unwanted and stray animals arriving daily. It is also puppy and kitten season which means that shelters are seeing an increase in newborn pets, including orphaned fur babies.

They desperately need our help. These orphaned animals rely on the donated formula and the close care of shelter workers to make it through the first critical days.

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