This Little Pup Got A New Water Bowl And Now He’s A Little Confused. His Reaction Is Almost Too Cute For Words!

Figuring out new things can be tough, whether your human with a spread of Ikea furniture to assemble, or an adorable fluffy puppy with, well, anything. Puppies have a different way of looking at the world. Given the antics of some dogs, it is arguably a much better way of seeing things, but sadly, we will never know. However, we get the distinct pleasure of watching them try to figure out the world around them, and sometimes they find new ways to enjoy life that we would never expect. A simple vessel for drinking seems pretty boring to us, but to a puppy? It can be anything they want!

When this little guy got a new bowl, he struggled with deciding if it was a water source or a swimming pool.

Watch as he discovers his new water bowl!

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