New Procedure Offers Shot-Based Alternative to Traditional Dog Neutering

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If you are an animal lover you may be aware of the stray dog problems in many cities across the country. The solution to limit the population of these homeless animals is to spay and neuter them. However, the cost of the procedure has hindered the surgical process. Now, there is a new way to neuter dogs that reduces the cost to shelters, which gives the institutions more funds to care for sick and injured animals.

The new product is called Zeuterin and it was developed by Ark Sciences. It contains the zinc gluconate compound, which is an natural ingredient already present in dogs. All it takes is one virtually painless injection for the animal to become neutered. According to Ark Sciences, 97.7 percent of dogs didn’t make a noise exhibiting pain while the shot was being administered during testing.

“It has the potential to really revolutionize the way spay and neuter is done,” Dr. Cindy Mitchell, medical director at the San Diego Humane Society, told San Diego NBC affiliate.

Veterinarians at the San Diego Humane Society will study Zeuterin and may use it in the future.

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