New Hip Harness Helps Dogs with Dysplasia

Some breeds of our furry, four-legged friends are more susceptible to developing hip dysplasia. Now there's a new hip harness that can help dogs who are suffering from this skeletal condition.

According to Discovery News, hip dysplasia develops when a dog's femur bone continually pops out of the pelvic joint over time. As a result, the bone disconnects from the pelvic joint and prevents a dog from being able to walk and run the same as it once did.

Galia Weiss, an industrial designer, created the harness called the Hipster to stop the joint from disconnecting from the bone while also strengthening the muscle around pelvic joint. The source stated that when the muscles around the femur bone are stronger, it's less likely to pop out of place. 

Hip dysplasia is an inheritable condition that 8 percent of dogs have a chance of developing. Environmental factors can also cause a canine to develop hip dysplasia including diet, gender and exercise. Asoft tissue laxity may also lead to agitated friction in the affected joint, the source stated.

When you order the Hipster for your dog, you'll find that it comes with a lightweight but rigid frame and straps for the back leg muscles. The contraption's frame, velcro and straps will prevent the device from becoming too heavy for the dog's hips and bottom while also putting resistance on the leg muscles.

Weiss told the source that dog owners will see an improvement in the condition of their pet after one month. 

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