New Health Camps Offer Fitness-Oriented Fun for Pets

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 53 percent of dogs are overweight or obese, representing an 8 percent increase in the past four years. The health risks of such a condition are very similar to those seen in humans including heart disease and lowered life expectancy. This need not be viewed strictly as bad news, though, as it's given birth to the emergence of health camps for our canine companions. One of the most popular facilities to emerge so far is the Morris Animal Inn in New Jersey. The Inn offers a combination of fitness and spa activities to provide leisure and fun while encouraging a healthier lifestyle for our pets.

Morris Animal Inn has piloted a fitness curriculum consisting of activities such as "doga" (a doggie-based take on yoga) and "barko polo," in which a staffer yells "barko!" at a group of swimming dogs and throws floating toys to them if they respond with a woof. It's not all work though, the camp also rewards dogs with activities like "pawlates​," nature hikes, facials and healthy treats. According to Daily Finance, the results have been impressive so far, with steady weight loss shown across many of the dogs. Morris Animal Inn offers either day sessions or five-day long camps with all the amenities.

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