New Drug Seeks to Help Cat Lovers With Allergies

There is no telling how many people are living with cats despite their pet allergies. For many, the love felt for a furry friend trumps allergy-free living, however, soon that might not always be the case. According to Albuquerque ABC affiliate KOAT, Dr. Steven Tolber from the Allergy and Airway Treatment Center is studying an injection-based drug that is known to limit allergic reactions by boosting the immune system of the individual taking the medicine.

"As we all know, once you have a cat it becomes a member of your family," Tolber told the source. "Most people who have cats, even if they have symptoms, really want to keep the cat."

The shot Tolber is studying is called Catpad and it requires less injections than the standard treatment options for cat allergies. Instead of the 40 to 50 different shots it would take to build up the immune system, Catpad requires only four different injections. However, the product isn't FDA-approved yet, which is why more testing is being done.

Currently, researchers are looking for additional participants in this CATALYST project, which is another name for their cat allergy study.

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