New Café To Open In Oahu Will Provide Jobs For Young People With Disabilities And Help Shelter Cats Find Homes

A new cat cafe opening in Pearl City, Oahu will combine skills training for those with developmental disabilities with animal rescue and community.

The new cafe is opening as a partnership between Dr. Karen Tyson, a neuropsychologist and family therapist, and KAT Charities, a nonprofit that works to unite children with disabilities and animals.

The cafe, Toe Beans & Dreams Adoption Café, plans to hire young adults with developmental disabilities.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It will also feature space for community groups that specialize in behavioral therapy and skills training for people with disabilities to meet.

Additionally, the cafe will serve as a place where members of the community can meet and connect with cats in need of homes.

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In an interview with KITV4, Dr. Tyson said:

“The mission of Toe Beans & Dreams Adoption Café is to empower young adults with developmental disabilities by providing jobs and training to help them lead fulfilling lives, while connecting Oahu with the loving furry friends we have rescued through our nonprofit KAT Charities.”

Photo: flickr/liz west

Dr. Tyson went on to say:

“When individuals with disabilities connect with animals, an incredible relationship is formed. Animals are unconditionally accepting and place no judgment or social expectations on people. This breaks down common barriers for individuals with social, attention, learning or physical disabilities and fosters a therapeutic relationship built on love and mutual trust.”

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